Intelligent Robot Transmission Solutions
Intelligent robot
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The motor used for intelligent robot system as a whole solution.

The motor features:
1. The first in the industry of the planetary body with linkage to make integration institutions.

Planetary body and connecting rod mechanism in the application of intelligent robot products, can simplify the assembly process, save manpower and material cost, reduce the mechanical error, increase the reliability of the whole robot products.

2.The first application of flat key antiskid planetary reduction industry in split type planetary body structure.

This flat key antiskid split type planetary body, inner gear ring and the outer housing is clearance fit, one of the key can be more relaxed in the keyway, while a flat key is for fitting, production needs to be pressed into the keyway.Such institutions both the process and the ease of operation, in the process of batch production can greatly improve the production efficiency, save manpower and material resources.





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