Competitive Advantage

1.Technology advantages

Kingly always gives priority to technology innovation and lays great emphasis on the R&D of products and technology update, boasting a great quantity of outstanding professional technology talents.


Kingly adheres to the orientation of customer requirements and provides customized products to customers. At present, the company features about 100 self-developed and developed mould customized motor products and its core technical indicators of products are in the cutting edge in China.

It always maintains connection with industrial experts of Japan and Germany to share advantaged technologies in the industry.

Kingly emphasizes intellectual properties, boasting dozens of patent for utility models and the copyright of motor control software. Three major invention patents for right are undergoing application.


Over a long period of optimization, the company adopts a large quantity of automated machine and equipment in the production process technology. Its production and manufacturing level is in the leading position of the nation and the cost control is superior to industrial competitors.


2. Marketing advantages
Kingly lays emphasis on the marketing, boasting lots of outstanding sales elites. It explores both international and domestic market, having a large quantity of world renowned enterprise customers (ABB, Philips, Breton

The company stresses the brand development of products. By virtue of sound product quality and market reputation and the proactive participation in the professional exhibitions and technical seminar both home and abroad, Kingly Motor has become the famous intelligence optimal transmission plan provider in the industry.

2015 International Service Robot Industry Selection

【Golden Robot】Core technology supplier award