Company Profile
Core solutions to the world industrial 4.0 and related intelligent application sector!
Kingly Gear is a high-tech enterprise engaged in designing, manufacturing and selling micro gearbox, micro DC motor, AC motor, brushless motor and motor control system. It is the modern high-tech enterprise producing DC/AC motor and micro speed reduction system in large scale.
The main Applications:


l  Intelligent industry:  Industrial automization,  Automatic lubricator , Industrial machine arm

l  Intelligent agriculture:  Greenhouse tent, Automatic sprinkler

l  Intelligent logistics: Conveyor system

l  Intelligent water and power grid: Water-electricity-gas value intelligent control

l  Intelligent safeguard system: Electronic locks, Automatic door, automatic windows

l  Intelligent home furnishing: Sweeper robot, Intelligent closestool, Switch,

l  Intelligent environment protection:

l  Intelligent transportation: Auto industry

l  Intelligent medical treatment: Massager

l  Intelligent entertainment: Automatic card collating machine, Stage lighting


Kingly has the production base in Huizhou of Guangdong and Huang Gang of Hubei respectively. Besides, it also sets directly subordinated branch companies in Germany in Europe and Shanghai/Ningbo/Hangzhou/Wenzhou/Chengdu in China.
Kingly has a group of qualified employees professionally engaging in R&D, production and sales. Except common micro motors and gear boxes, it also developed over 200 various special non-standard micro motors and gear boxes. It emphasizes intellectual properties, boasting dozens of patent for utility models and the copyright of motor control software.

By virtue of strong customized technology development ability and production and sales ability, its products are sold nationwide and also exported to Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan and Middle East.

Kingly will keep optimizing markets, continuously upgrade various hardware equipment and manufacturing process standards to satisfy customers, overtake industrial competitors and become the best optimal plan provider for micro intelligent transmission in China.

Company Vision: To be No. 1 brand in the customized precise transmission control system in China!

Enterprise positioning: Service and product provider for customized customized precise transmission control system!
Enterprise Mission: Provide core solutions to the world industrial 4.0 and related intelligent application sector!

Enterprise Tenet: Build the business through refined technology to meet customers' requirements; win the competition through high quality and produce reliable products; treat others with sincerity and provide qualified service.


          Guangdong Kingly Gear Co.,Ltd(Headquarter)

          Huibei Kingly Motor Co.,Ltd